Who we are


RISE is an ed-tech revolution for higher education and professional certification. We are an innovative, technology-first online campus set up with a mission to encourage and empower students across cities, states and societies to be socially and culturally aware leaders of the world.

Our purpose goes beyond academic excellence. We are here to transform and propel the fields of technology, data science, analytics, artificial intelligence, public policy, cybersecurity, finance & accounting, FinTech, global business administration, marketing research, and more, light years ahead.

With a vision to shape a worldwide community of thinkers, risk-takers, change makers, innovators and leaders, we are here to fortify your career so you are ready for the world that will be tomorrow. It is this endeavour which has made us inclusive not just in terms of making education accessible to the innards of the world by being online, but also with the varied courses, curriculum and pedagogy that’s evaluated by globally-acclaimed faculty and thought leaders.

Our Core Belief


Our core belief is that education is the first step to trigger any form of change – small or monumental, at an individual level or for the society, within one’s nation or across the world. Stemming from this belief is our strong focus on making holistic education commonplace for students around the world.

In a world that’s evolving every day with deeper research, fast paced innovation and technological advances, we, as RISE, are here to make social and cultural understanding, ethics, humanity, empathy and mindfulness a key value that the leaders of tomorrow will possess.

As we catalyze a new wave of education technology, we are changing what makes the youth strive for success- from a unidimensional career for individual growth to a multidimensional career that creates impact around the world, from theoretical knowledge to practical &value-based learnings, and from limited one-way lessons to an educational system that thrives on flexibility, and provides mentorship with real-time industry experience.

Simply put, education is a tool that can open minds, inspire thinking differently, inculcate the spirit of coexistence with cultural sensitivity and development for everyone’s good. RISE aims to make it happen.

RISE is dedicated to empowering the world leaders of tomorrow with an education that will guide their thoughts through every juncture of their career and their life.

Our Vision

To empower the leaders of tomorrow with diverse and high-quality education to become socially aware and sensitive visionaries, today.

Our Mission

To make holistic education accessible worldwide so that innovation, thought leadership and change become all pervasive to uplift humanity.


the world leaders of tomorrow, to empower them with the knowledge and tools to become socially aware and sensitive visionaries, today. That’s because only RISE is dedicated to transforming learning, thinking and careers, holistically, to nurture young professionals towards lifelong success.



To Contextualise
Industry Education

By making the global curriculum relevant for the Indian economic landscape with classes from top global industry leaders and academicians, across diverse subjects.

To Enable
Employable Workforce

By curating the most technologically-advanced and industry-relevant courses, co-created with industry experts, creating lifelong mentorship opportunities, and enhancing exposure through guaranteed internships.

To Create
Holistic Leaders

By cultivating a culture in which mindfulness, self-awareness, and conflict resolution are intrinsic to teaching methods.



Customer Centricity

Customer is the King/Queen.


Everyone is important and equal, and should be treated in an appropriate way.


Working together as a group to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.


Being regular & steady with efforts we put into our work.

Problem Solving & Innovation

Finding new, out of the box solutions to all simple and complex problems.


Doing the right thing when no one is watching.

Striving for Excellence

We push ourselves to deliver the highest quality performance in everything we do.

Transform learning.
Transform thinking.
Transform lives.


By curating the most technologically advanced and industry-relevant courses that have been co-created with industry experts to build lifelong mentorship opportunities while enhancing exposure through assisted internships, we catapult you into a successful career.

What Students Say



What would be your next career move?


With a dedicated placement support team, we go the extra mile to support you in your career with industry taught programs, industry-relevant training and industry-specific placements.

Our Partners


In this era of rapid technological innovation and evolution, the formula for the success of an organisation lies in the continual improvement of its processes and leveraging its effectiveness for business excellence. KPMG in India prepares organisations to move towards business excellence through integrated model-based software process improvement and assessment services.

KPMG in India has access to a global network of resources backed with extensive professional experiences to chart a value-added sustainable process improvement. It is based on contemporary models and methodologies.

“The KPMG name and logo are trademarks used under license by the independent member firms of the KPMG global organization. KPMG International’s Trademarks are the sole property of KPMG International and their use here does not imply auditing by or endorsement of KPMG International or any of its member firms.”

Grant Thornton is one of the largest fully integrated Assurance, Tax and Advisory firms in the country. With 5,600+ people and presence in 15 locations. They aim to be the No. 1 firm in providing robust advisory and growth solutions to dynamic Indian global companies.

Grant Thornton is one of the world’s leading organisations of independent assurance, tax and advisory firms. With more than 53,000 GT people across over 135 countries, they are focused on making a difference to clients, colleagues and the communities in which they live and work.

ThriveDX SaaS, formerly known as Cybint Solutions, is the software as a service arm of ThriveDX, the global education company committed to transforming lives through digital skills training and solutions. ThriveDX SaaS partners with organisations to offer various cybersecurity solutions, including awareness and phishing training, executive workshops, secure coding, and cyber boot camps. ThriveDX Saas’s team comprises military-trained cyber experts, industry veterans, and educators united under the mission of reskilling the workforce and upskilling the industry.

Aeon is a Market Research and Consulting firm offering full-fledged market research services and Pan India data collection/field and tabulation services across all sectors. Aeon aims to provide actionable insights through constant data collection, analysis, and reporting innovation. Aeon Research’s best-in-class team works hard to deep dive and understand consumer behaviour, markets and environment to provide robust and insightful recommendations. As an organisation, Aeon is impartial & has the highest integrity when it comes to data management and quality standards.

SRH Mobile University is a state-approved university of applied sciences specialising in part-time distance learning. As the German quality leader in distance learning, we have developed unique study programmes with high demand in the international markets, which are taught fully online, thus guaranteeing the highest flexibility to our students.