About RISE

Who we are

RISE is an edtech revolution for higher education and professional certification. We are an innovative, technology-first online campus set up with a mission to encourage and empower students across cities, stratas and societies to be socially and culturally aware leaders of the world.

With a vision to shape a worldwide community of thinkers, risk-takers, change makers, innovators and leaders, we are here to fortify your career so you are ready for the world that will be tomorrow. It is this endeavour which has made us inclusive not just in terms of making education accessible to the innards of the world by being online, but also with the varied courses, curriculum and pedagogy that’s evaluated by globally-acclaimed faculty and thought leaders.

Our Core Belief

Education is the first step to trigger any form of change - small or monumental, at an individual level or for the society, within one’s nation or across the world. Stemming from this belief is our strong focus on making holistic education a commonplace for students and working professionals around the world.

As we catalyze a new wave of education technology, we are changing what makes the youth strive for success- from a unidimensional career for individual growth to a multidimensional career that creates impact around the world, from theoretical knowledge to practical and value-based learnings, and from limited one-way lessons to an educational system that thrives on flexibility, and provides mentorship with real-time industry experience.

Simply put, education is a tool that can open minds, inspire thinking differently, inculcate the spirit of coexistence with cultural sensitivity and development for everyone’s good. RISE aims to make it happen.

RISE is dedicated to empowering the world leaders of tomorrow with education that will guide their thoughts through every juncture of their career and their life.

Our Vision

To empower the leaders of tomorrow with diverse and high-quality education to become socially aware and sensitive visionaries, today.

Our Mission

To make holistic education accessible worldwide so that innovation, thought leadership and change become all pervasive to uplift humanity.


transforming learning, thinking and careers, holistically, to nurture young professionals towards lifelong success.

Customer Centricity

Customer is the King/Queen.


Everyone is important and equal, and should be treated in an appropriate way.


Working together as a group to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.


Being regular & steady with efforts we put into our work.

Problem Solving & Innovation

Finding new, out of the box solutions to all simple and complex problems.


Doing the right thing when no one is watching.

Striving for Excellence

We push ourselves to deliver the highest quality performance in everything we do.

Transform learning.

Transform thinking.

Transform lives.

By curating the most technologically advanced and industry-relevant courses that have been co-created with industry experts to build lifelong mentorship opportunities while enhancing exposure through assisted internships, we catapult you into a successful career.

What would be your next career move?

With a dedicated placement support team, we go the extra mile to support you in your career with industry taught programs, industry-relevant training and industry-specific placements. More than 500 MNCs have partnered with us in our recruitment process. Some of our prominent recruiters are:

Our purpose goes beyond academic excellence.

As RISE, we are more than an ed-tech portal- we are an innovative, technology-first online campus set up with a mission to empower students across cities, stratas and societies to be socially and culturally aware leaders of tomorrow.

Contact Us

RISE, 11th floor, A wing, Amar business zone, Swati Park,
Veerbhadra Nagar, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 411045.