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Top 15 Project Ideas For A Final-year Cyber Security Course
  • Introduction
  • Encrypt Text With Algorithms
  • Keystroke Logger
  • Encrypt/ Decrypt Caesar Cipher
  • Analyse Network Traffic
  • Analyse Password
  • Assess SQL Vulnerability
  • Attempt Hackathons & Bug Bounties
  • Hash Function
  • Transfer Funds Online With DES Encryption
  • Encrypt Images
  • Detect Credit Card Fraud
  • Net Border Patrol
  • Image CAPTCHA
  • Authentication Of Graphical Passwords
  • Retrieve Files
  • Takeaway


Choosing the right project could be difficult at the beginning of your cybersecurity journey. However, it is preferable to first stick to what you know and improve the fundamentals. Come up with a project that is feasible for you to complete. After passing the first stage, you may proceed to the more difficult phase.

We have listed the 15 Cyber Security Centric Project Ideas for Final-Year Students in this blog.

1.Encrypt Text With Algorithms

There are several methods for encrypting or decrypting text. As a beginner, you may begin your cybersecurity career by developing a web application that uses various encryption algorithms to encrypt the textual input provided by the user. This project is simple to construct and will allow you to learn about different algorithms from the ground up. The challenges will not only teach you how to think critically while developing an algorithm but will also increase your self-confidence, allowing you to move on to higher-level tasks. Caesar Cipher, Railfence Cipher, Vigenere Cipher, Playfair Cipher, Beaufort Cipher, Autokey Cipher, and so on are a few of the ciphers that you may utilise.

2.Keystroke Logger

A Keylogger is a software that may record every keystroke made on a system after it’s installed. This area of cybersecurity might make for an excellent subject for a project. You can construct your keylogger and record keystrokes on a system if you are skilled with coding.

Keyloggers have improved over the years, making it more difficult for AVs to detect them. And as a project, you may examine different approaches to detecting and removing a keylogger from a system. You can also go through how one may manually search for and delete a keylogger by delving into the system.

3.Encrypt/ Decrypt Caesar Cipher

One of the primary encryption methods you’ll study when you begin your Cryptography journey is the Caesar Cipher. The cipher, which was created over a thousand years ago, was employed by Roman General Julius Caesar to issue cryptic orders to his troops.

This is one of the most exciting Cybersecurity mini projects on Caesar Cipher that allows you to work on and comprehend encryption and decryption. The project follows a simple procedure of a numerical cipher value used to move the place values of certain alphabets in a text.

4.Analyse Network Traffic

Network traffic monitoring and analysis, also known as “packet sniffing,” is a method for keeping an eye on the traffic, network activity, and availability. It’s used to identify anomalies, discover operational difficulties, compare real-time networks with past data to find potential risks and concerns. Perform analysis to evaluate the data packets that cross a network. After analysing these messages, you can create a report to share your findings and, if required, countermeasures if there is an abnormality. A networking event may be a fantastic project to demonstrate your networking abilities to an employer. You might also develop software that can tell whether there is a traffic analyser on the network by an external agent using this as a base.

5.Analyse Password

Every website you go to now requires a login using email and password. Passwords are used to identify users. Therefore they must be secure, remembered easily, and unbreakable at the same time. As a project, you may create a password analyser that can notify the user that their password is adequate or not. If the project appears to be simple, you may add another auto-suggestion feature if the password chosen by the user isn’t strong enough. This one is simple for novices to complete and can be done in almost any programming language.

6.Assess SQL Vulnerability

The concept of SQL Injection is one of the first and most essential elements in cybersecurity. Many websites have been breached using SQL injection, a form of injection assault that enables hackers to execute harmful SQL statements. As a result, analysis on this subject would be beneficial to your portfolio.

However, doing this job is not simple since you may choose any website at random and begin testing. You must seek permission from the website’s administrator. While most Website owners will not agree to let you do a vulnerability assessment, you can always contact small blog owners if that doesn’t work. If that option fails, you may create a web page and conduct your test there.

7.Attempt Hackathons & Bug Bounties

There are several excellent methods to gain essential skills. There are many bug bounties on the internet. You may participate in various programs and try your hardest to find bugs. You may create a report based on your approach to the challenge and the tools you’ve utilised. You will also be compensated if you discover a bug while completing the tasks.

Hackathons are becoming increasingly popular, and some numerous platforms and companies organise hackathons for budding cybersecurity experts. Partake in as many hackathons as possible with various problem statements.

8.Hash Function

The hash function converts an original text to be encrypted into a random sequence of characters that can’t be recovered by third parties illegally.

The process of creating a Hash Function involves many levels of encryption and makes it more difficult for hackers to hack. This is referred to as Python Cyber Security projects, which entails generating Hash Functions from various passwords constructed using exception handles and loop ideas.

9.Transfer Funds Online With DES Encryption

Internet banking services have eased customers’ lives but not for the banks. A few vulnerable locations need to be avoided since they are easy prey for hackers who are ready to pounce on the chance to obtain data about innocent and unsuspecting consumers. The bank is responsible for establishing secure firewalls around these transactions.

You could work on a project that uses the DES Algorithm as a very strong encryption method.

10.Encrypt Images

This is one of the fascinating network security projects in terms of image encryption, as it entails delivering images and visual data to the intended recipient from a remote server. You may build a mechanism or software that allows you to connect your users remotely and use security measures like login, passcode, etc.

You can use strong algorithms like DES, AES, and RSA algorithms to safeguard your transfer system after it’s been set up. You may choose the algorithm for yourself; you may also connect many sources for transfer and encrypt them with keys using different techniques.

The images are secured using encryption, making them nearly unreadable to anybody without access to the necessary keys. You may try it out on a website or software of your choosing, whether it’s for web development or not, to better hone your web development skills.

11.Detect Credit Card Fraud

The Credit Card Fraud Detection project is one of the most popular cybersecurity tasks for novices and has some complicated coding but is easy to comprehend. The goal is straightforward: credit cards include a lot of money that must be protected from intruders who seek to steal data and money. The project will work to guarantee that this information is safe.

This project entails working on a system that detects users’ transactions and actions. Your system will determine parameters for any unusual behaviour in the system, such as false passwords or unlawful access to it, based on this study (that your system is capable of performing).

Based on this, the system can deploy countermeasures that target the intruder and conceal him from view. The original user’s login information will be transmitted to them, making them aware of it. This project focuses on analysing a user’s behaviour and location.

12.Net Border Patrol

You’ll be working on a system that cleanses undesirable traffic from a website (example). The program will look for unresponsive packets in the network and delete them. These packets might sometimes clog the network and make it more challenging to browse later.

The technique is known as ‘Internet Border Patrol.’ It is used to combat any network congestion. The system will be built using scripted language and basic Python code that tests for unresponsive packets in the network.

Unresponsive packets may be abused by malicious individuals who might fill in viruses and worms, which can spread, compromise, and destroy the system as a whole. As a result of this technique, the network is de-clogged while assuring that no stray packets are present.

13.Image CAPTCHA

It is a Cybersecurity project that’s both interesting and easy to implement. Remember those dialogue boxes that ask you to pick the proper squares with certain objects so you can prove that you’re not a robot as you log into a website?

You could show the use and importance of integrity and security for any data or tangible asset. You may utilise chosen pictures provided by the registered user for the retrieval of this information and other security questions and functions, depending on your project.

14.Authentication Of Graphical Passwords

Passwords are now used on every platform, on nearly any website, and even available in text form. However, remembering so many complex passwords and remembering them on numerous websites seems complicated. The user should select some pictures (for example, different chocolates) in a specific pattern (for example, dairy milk is followed by five stars, KitKat and so on). The images are shuffled the next time the user tries to log in, and the user needs to follow the same pattern as previously. Users will have to repeat the same sequence every time they put the photos in different ways. This sort of authentication is tough to breach because neither brute force nor dictionary attacks can break it.

15.Retrieve Files

There have been instances when we have deleted a file accidentally and have no idea how to get it back. And there are times when you remove something from your system only to discover that it remains there. You can do a project to show “where does the file go and how to retrieve it?”

You may discover all of the Data Recovery Tools accessible on the internet and further experiment with the file lifecycle.


Cybersecurity projects hone programming knowledge, analytical aptitude, and temperament while dealing with complex scenarios, including developing security systems. Your project experience is now regarded as critical since it demonstrates your technical expertise and is frequently referenced within the technological sector. Cybersecurity isn’t an exception to this rule.


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