Keeping up with the rate and pace at which technological innovation is evolving is a struggle for any type of organisation. While technology opens doors to numerous business opportunities, it also creates skill shortages.

Employee turnover is not only costly, but it’s also a drain on morale and productivity. According to Gallup, replacing an individual employee might cost from one-half to two times the employee’s annual pay—and that’s a conservative estimate.

Losing your best employees due to a skill gap means losing your reliable path to success, and your most productive workforce, innovators and problem solvers.

Companies should start reskilling their workforces now, more than ever, to emerge stronger from the pandemic crisis and ensure that they maintain the competitive edge no matter what the situation and calamity.

RISE enables organisations to combat this skill gap while retaining the current workforce. When you upskill your employees with us, you not only help them expand their skill sets, but you also create a significant competitive advantage in our increasingly technology-driven world.

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    RISE Models


    Industry Collaboration

    Academic Excellence



    Collaboration partners



    • Business Analytics : Create Problem Solvers for your Organisation
    • Data Science : building Data Stalwarts to gain competitive advantage
    • Machine Learning and AI – Create Intelligent systems and processes for your business
    • Cybersecurity- Make it Phishing Proof
    • Fintech- Make employees Investment friendly
    • Market Research – Take calculated decisions 
    • Management -Bring in  Efficiency and Productivity at its best

    What the organisation gains through the above is


    Improved employee retention, satisfaction, development, and growth.

    Attract new talent through employee references.

    Enhance the quality of services, enabling the organisation to diversify its offerings.

    Maintain a competitive edge.