What is Cryptography in Cybersecurity? The study of cryptology is the science behind sending messages securely. The term “cryptography” comes from the Greek word “Kryptos”, meaning “hidden”, and encryption is closely associated with scrambling plaintext into ciphertext and back again upon arrival. In addition to […]

Top 15 Project Ideas For A Final-year Cyber Security Course Introduction Encrypt Text With Algorithms Keystroke Logger Encrypt/ Decrypt Caesar Cipher Analyse Network Traffic Analyse Password Assess SQL Vulnerability Attempt Hackathons & Bug Bounties Hash Function Transfer Funds Online With DES Encryption Encrypt Images […]

Next big thing in the waiting to boom into the world of the cyber tech industry Introduction Security By Design Proxy Re-Encryption Secure Multiparty Computation Smart Solutions With More Customisation Artificial Intelligence-Powered Cybersecurity A Predictive Model To Eliminate Threat Vectors Increased Focus On […]

Top 6 Terminologies that are commonly used in Cyber Security With many of the world’s largest and most cutting-edge businesses falling prey to cyber assaults in the previous five years, cyber security has become a worldwide sensation. In that light, sensitive personal data such as […]

Future Scope of CyberSecurity in India- Is CyberSecurity a good career option in India? The field of cybersecurity is seeing a steady rise in popularity these days, with the number of aspiring professionals eager to enter the industry increasing. New developments in technology have made […]

7 reasons Why India needs more Cyber Security Specialists in 2021? Introduction The demand for cybersecurity professionals in India will rise by 200 per cent by 2024. After cybersecurity became one of the main worries of CEOs a year ago, demand for Chief […]

Why is Cyber Security needed in the Digital Era? Introduction The Government alone does not suffer Do we need Cybersecurity? What is Cybersecurity? Why is Cybercrime increasing? What is the impact of Cybercrime? What are the Benefits of Cybersecurity? Why is Cybersecurity important? What […]

How to start a career in cyber security with no experience (Guide)? There is a severe skills gap in the cybersecurity sector, which is crying out for new entrants. The annual survey from ESG, which publishes an information technology report every year, makes this evident. […]

How to Become a Cyber Security Analyst? Complete Guide 2021 A lot of people search for information such as- what is a Cyber Security Analyst? How to become a Cybersecurity Analyst? Is it a good career option? What are the skills required for this field? […]

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