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Online education, also known as distance learning, has risen in popularity over the last two decades. In fact, the number of students taking at least one online college course has increased each consecutive year — and at a greater rate than higher education enrollment overall.

The analytical industry is on the rise. It’s not just driving innovation in this sector but also offers many opportunities for aspiring data scientists.

Now, as colleges and universities offer more and more online courses in the wake of a global pandemic, many college students — both existing and new — will be wondering how to take advantage.

Data science is a relatively new field of study, which has emerged in the past couple of years into one of the most sought-after and highest-paid professions. The reason behind this super popularity is that data scientists are getting to work with big datasets on a daily basis, and they get to apply their skills towards solving real-world business problems. 

Data science has been termed as one of the most thrilling fields to work in today, and it is predicted by many that this field will have more job opportunities than individuals who can fill them.


Data Science Online Training Decoded

The demand for data scientists is also considered higher because there are not enough people trained in this profession to fill all these openings. Till now, the number of data science training courses available is very limited. Businesses admit that they are unable to find enough skilled data scientists to fulfil their business needs, and the reason behind this is that only a few people have had access to an adequate data science curriculum in the first place.

Nowadays, several data science training courses are being offered online for people to enrol in. Many companies that have a huge need for trained individuals and yet cannot find enough candidates are offering these online classes as an alternative solution. 

Regular classroom-based training has been the traditional method of imparting knowledge till now, but it is being transitioned to the online platform because of an increasing number of job openings in data science and a limited number of trained employees.


What can be learnt from online data science training?

So what can a person actually learn from online data science courses? In case you are wondering whether you will be able to get the same knowledge that you would have received if you were in a classroom, then we can assure you that the answer is yes. The knowledge imparted in online courses is as good as regular classroom training.

Also, if your choice of educational path is an online course, then this removes a lot of stress from your schedule because you don’t have to attend classes on a regular basis anymore. You will have more time to concentrate on work while still being able to keep up with the pace of the course.

Today, a significant number of people are making the transition to data science — either they are getting trained and upskilled by their company itself, or they are taking up data science courses. And those who have still not entered the data science domain are in a huge dilemma regarding which type, of course, to opt for — traditional or online classroom courses?

In this blog, we are going to understand Data Science online classroom training versus traditional classroom training.


Online Data Science Learning versus Traditional Data Science Classroom

According to research, online courses are becoming more popular among leaders in the education industry. Roughly 75% of expert leaders who took this study agreed that online learning is just as good or even better than the traditional in-person classrooms. (Source)

An online program can make professional certifications more accessible to those who are working, have a family, or live away from the college. Online learners are afforded more autonomy in their running of a course and the individual pace at which work is undertaken.

Online Data Science Training Classroom

As the growth of technology across the world grows, online education is gaining significant traction. Institutions ranging from colleges and universities to the government or private companies are entering into online education. Data science is a new field with many online professional and certification courses available.


Benefits of Online Data Science Training Courses

  • Flexibility

Online education has made it possible for people who can’t afford the time or money to attend traditional classrooms and institutes, to enrol in certification or professional courses with ease. People can access data science courses that are innovative and industry-relevant, sitting at their homes.

With the advent of online education, courses have skyrocketed in popularity and do has courses in Data Science. It is not uncommon for people still working in some industries to make the transition to data science online education as a way of upskilling.

For parents with small children, online data science courses are sometimes preferred because they offer the flexibility of a family-friendly course schedule. 

Programs that are self-paced allow students to balance their work or family responsibilities with studying. 

Some students may want to keep their current jobs instead of taking time off from school. They avoid the risk of losing a job or creating a gap in on-the-job work experience.


  • Apt for those who want to upskill and reskill

Online data science training is an effective way to learn the basics of any skill if you’re a working professional or don’t have time for class. For those who can’t access traditional higher education, the online university campus provides courses at their own pace, from the comfort of their own homes.


  • Access course from anywhere

An online course allows you to access your lessons from almost anywhere, which is not all. You are then able to watch previous modules that you might have missed out on for this session. Today, even universities and top companies are turning to online courses as a means of education. This is making a huge impact on the education system.

If you cannot afford to spend time or money on a more traditional data science course, then online data science training is the way to go.


  • Affordability

Some universities now offer online courses year-round. These accelerated learning paths could help students graduate faster. One of the benefits of obtaining a certification online is that commuting to a brick-and-mortar institution isn’t necessary, which reduces spending. Low monthly payments are available for incoming students, and scholarships can help lower the cost in the long run.

Online data science programs are evolving, and many schools have created engaging and interactive online curriculums to attract a global audience. Pursuing an online PG program in data science can be less expensive than traditional on-campus programs and offer many benefits in addition to flexibility.


  • Traditional Data Science Classroom Courses

Despite the growing popularity of online education, universities and colleges are still utilising a traditional class format for data science courses. The major reason behind the popularity of this form of education is the in-person guidance that students get from teachers, which one would also get in a virtual set-up.

Classroom courses also provide a hands-on approach and an opportunity for clarifying any questions.

In the world of data science, there is a lot to know and experience. Classroom sessions are one of the best ways to gain knowledge.

If you are interested in completely devoting yourself to the study of data science and want to make a huge time/money investment, then classroom learning might be an option for you.



Online virtual classrooms not only allow schools the ability to provide educational opportunities to those who wouldn’t otherwise have them, but it also lets students from different locations anywhere in the world take online sessions without worrying about time. Virtual classrooms have eliminated geographical constraints, such as location and time.

Unlike traditional classes, virtual classrooms eliminate the need for physical attendance and save students from sudden lockdowns or other disruptions.

Virtual learning reduces the cost of popular courses and certifications for organisations by fostering comprehensive, independent learning cultures. Furthermore, a virtual classroom can help bring multiple instructors under one roof. However, online classes can also be taught in different languages. 

When diverse students register for the same courses, it decreases unequal learning.

Online learning is a trend that has skyrocketed in the past decade, especially during this pandemic period.

If you have gotten a taste of online learning during the COVID-19 quarantine, do share your experience with us.