Top 10 parameters to keep in mind while choosing the Data science course.
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Top 10 parameters to keep in mind while choosing the Data science course.
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Demand for data science talent is on the rise, and with it comes a need for more data scientists to fill job openings. While the application of data science is a unique discipline, it does not exist within one industry or sector alone.

Data scientists may have a significant influence on just about every industry. If you’re a young data scientist or planning to become one, you already know that education is the first step.

If you want to succeed in the Data Science profession, you’ll need to know certain things before enrolling on a data science course that will assist you in finding a job-oriented curriculum.

Industry-ready and -relevant Curriculum.

A data scientist is skilled in several fields of study, including statistics, machine learning, and computer science. To learn more about the industry and data science training, contact individuals working in the industry. People who have worked with data science in the past can help you choose a more suited data science program based on current market conditions.

Practical Assignments

A data scientist cannot be considered a real data scientist without understanding the basic ideas. A good data science training program ensures that trainees have the necessary practical knowledge to address real-world issues. You may pick from various online and offline courses based on your preferences.

Industry Mentorship

Before meeting your mentor or trainer, please research their area of expertise. It is critical to get industry experience before going into business for yourself. Select a course with mentors with significant professional experience in the field you wish to enter. To ensure what you are getting into, do your research.

Mentors will assist you in developing key skills necessary for your career advancement and provide best practices to help you stand out in your chosen field.


Internships are advantageous since they help you develop your professional skills, enhance your personality, and provide access to more significant opportunities. After graduation, internships will offer you the broadest range of options when looking for a job.

Industry-oriented Projects

We understand that knowledge needs a hands-on application to generate a beneficial learning experience, which is why case studies and capstone projects would be the building blocks of your training.

Placement Assistance

When you enrol in a study program at a respected institution, one of the expectations is to be placed with a good firm. Not all organisations, however, live up to their promises. In India, respectable institutions offer data science programs and have a proven track record of placing students.

Alumni Testimonials

It’s the most effective method to learn more about a course and its procedure from an institution’s alumni since they have the expertise. If you contact them, inquire about their research placement history, mentor experience, course details, curriculum application ratio, and learning approach. Inquire about prospects in the field of data science to explore possible employment options.

Access to Peer Group Networking

Students should have face-to-face conversations with experts and peers in the field, even if they read articles authored by data science professionals or view training and instructional materials. Joining a peer group keeps people energised, and it helps newbies navigate the field. Interacting with individuals from the same discipline can benefit newcomers and veterans.

Students may also use the internet to locate communities, forums, and groups that will help them discuss issues and concerns in their professional field. Peer groups are a viable method to stay up to speed on all of the newest information and developments in the sector’s many branches. One may also attend a data science conference, listen to informative talks by professionals in the field, or participate in a meetup to become more known in the data science community.

Soft Skills Training

Although it is considered a non-technical skill, data scientists must develop their communication and technical skills. Like every other discipline in the IT business, data science necessitates strong communication skills. Communication skills are even more essential since data scientists must communicate their ideas with coworkers and other teams. Good communication skills aid them in having effective interaction with the rest of the team. To succeed as a data scientist, you’ll need to master the art of communication. Communication is essential for data scientists to understand business needs and communicate findings to team members, supervisors, and stakeholders. Although this skill is frequently neglected, it has been an essential tool for data scientists to improve their storytelling skills.

Backed by a Strong Legacy

To make data science professionals industry-ready, RISE WPU (backed by MIT WPU’s strong 40-year legacy) offers India’s most affordable, industry-relevant, and innovative PG Program in Data Science curated, co-designed and co-delivered by industry experts from KPMG in India. Alongside the course, you get practical assignments, access to paid tools, assisted internships, industry-oriented projects, and 100% placement assistance.


It may seem that becoming a data scientist is difficult. It isn’t easy. It will require time, practice, patience, and perseverance, just like any other learning activity.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance regarding the Data Science course. Our expert counsellors are always happy to clear all your doubts.


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