India’s most affordable German MBA Program that makes you future-ready for the global job market.

Course Medium – Online 

Course Type – Full time & Part time (*both options are available)

Duration – 12 Months(* upto 24 months) 

Program Fee- ₹ 600,000/-

    Why do the MBA? / Why take up the MBA program?  


    Our purpose goes beyond academic excellence. As RISE, we are more than an ed-tech portal- we are an innovative, technology-first online campus set up with a mission to empower students across cities, strata and societies to be socially and culturally aware leaders of tomorrow.


    SRH Mobile University is a state-approved university of applied sciences specialising in part-time distance learning. As the German quality leader in distance learning, we have developed unique study programmes with high demand in the international markets, which are taught fully online, thus guaranteeing the highest flexibility to our students. 



    RISE offers a one-of-its-kind Global MBA Program in collaboration with SRH Mobile University, which prepares students for a range of managerial business roles that are in high demand in the international job market. The program enables students and working professionals to experience a masters program that is application-focussed with real-life business scenarios. The program enables students to build the skill-set and attitude necessary for managerial responsibility.


    Program Highlights

    Accredited German degree

    Credits: 60 ECTS

    Duration: 2 semesters

    Online live sessions

    Degree entitles to apply for a 6-month job-seeking visa for Germany and Europe

    Online German language training

    Online career services

    Study week in Heidelberg, Germany


    12 Months (*up to 24 months)

    Entry Requirements

    Bachelor's Degree (3-4 years)

    1+ years of work-related experience

    Evidence of Efficient English language skills for non-native speakers


    Online Global MBA (English)

    2 Semesters 60 ECTS


    • Empirical Research                            

    [In this module, students learn to develop research results and objectives depending on data-comparing with real life scenarios.]


    • General Business Administration 

    [In this module, students learn to what extent business administration is to be understood as action-oriented and application-oriented management theory. In combination with the module empirical research, students learn

    how questionnaires and interviews can be used as ways of gaining scientific knowledge.]


    • Human Capital Management 

    [After studying this module students will be able to combine economic approaches to human capital management with contemporary practices in strategic human resource management. They learn how to align goals, methods and content of human capital measures, resulting in a balanced view of economic and social perspectives on the value of human capital.]


    • Marketing                                         

    [Based on this critical approach to marketing, students learn to deal with tasks in light of the particularities of an industry or situational requirements, by using different analyses and marketing concepts. Students demonstrate this ability by independent research creating a subsequent presentation of the results.]


    • Accounting                                         

    [The Accounting module deals with questions about a company’s internal and external flow of services and how to display them. Students are enabled to provide relevant accounting information and to assess existing information. They learn to differentiate between different points of view: students approach some example cases from the perspective of a decision maker within an organisation and in other cases they represent an external third party who analyses and systematises information about economic success to make scientifically sound decisions on that basis. The financial

    control of a company is a demanding management task that has a direct impact on success.]


    • Financial Management              

    [The module enables the students to play an active role in the context of financial decisions that have to be taken. This includes decisions about capital expenditures as well as raising of capital. The second aspect of this module reflects typical decisions that have to be taken in an enterprise, starting with business creation and reaching as far as a crisis.]


    • Strategic Management              

    [As part of this module, students get to know influential approaches, practices and management challenges regarding the strategic alignment of organisations.]


    • Master thesis & colloquium  

    [The Master’s examination constitutes the professional qualification of the Master’s program. The Master’s examination determines whether the context of the subject is overseen, the ability to apply scientific methods and insights, and the necessary in-depth knowledge of the subject and methodology necessary for the transition to professional practice. As part of the preparation process, the students prepare an exposé in which the main points of the work (in particular problem definition, objectives, research design and structure) are coordinated with the supervisor. The examination consists of the written thesis and a master colloquium.]


    Specialisation Track  <Drag down>


    Business Analytics  

    [RISE offers Program in Business Analytics in collaboration with KPMG in India for students and working professionals who want to foray into analytics. The course has been designed to ensure that you are able to make better predictions and decisive business strategies through the practice of advanced concepts.]



    [RISE offers Program in Financial Technology in collaboration with Grant Thornton Bharat for students and working professionals who want to move ahead and lead the FinTech roles in their careers. The course has been designed to ensure that you get maximum exposure to the latest trends in the domain of Financial Technology.]  


    Marketing Research 

    [RISE offers Program in Marketing Research in collaboration with Aeon Research and MRSI for students and working professionals who want to advance their careers to the top level hierarchy of management. The course is designed to ensure that you get advanced knowledge of analytics that can be practically applied to real life marketing insights.]