• Introduction
  • Data science is one of the most potentially lucrative careers in India
  • Who can be a Data Scientist?
  • Why is Data Science certification important?
  • Why are Data Scientists in demand?
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Data Science is a concept that has evolved from the combination of mathematics, software engineering, and statistics to create meaningful business outcomes. Data Science analyses large volumes of raw data and then develops insights based on this analysis. This helps in making strategic decisions about various business-related approaches such as customer retention, securing potential clients, and building a data-driven culture.

Data Science has become the most sought-after skill-set across many industries, including healthcare, finance, retail, and technology. There is an undeniably great demand for Data Scientists, but there are not enough qualified individuals to fill positions and stay ahead of the competition. India is the second-largest hub for Data Analysts in the world after the United States.

Data scientists are in demand, but the demand is shifting to a mixture of skills as opposed to only scientific and analytical capabilities. 

Do you ever wonder what being a Data Scientist is like, and how it could have a significant impact on your career?

In this blog, we would discuss how a Data Science Certification can fuel your career-2021 and beyond.

Data science is one of the most potentially lucrative careers in India.

A recent report by IBPSA predicts that over 5,00,000 data science jobs will be available in India by the end of 2021. For those who want to pursue data science as a career, certifications are of great value because they can prove your skill-set and become essential for landing the career you desire.

Data Science has emerged as a discipline to manage this massive amount of data for profitable activities. Organisations from different industries are looking to hire data scientists and the market is full of opportunities for candidates interested in this field.

Data Science is a new field of study, and many people are curious about it. Let us explore what the future looks like for Data Science candidates by examining some common questions from prospective students.


Who can be a Data Scientist?

Data Scientists don’t need a specific degree to succeed, but data science certifications can tilt your odds in your favour.

Why is Data Science certification important?

  • Data science is an ever-changing field, and many people feel intimidated when considering a career in data science.
  • However, when you consider the variety of job prospects and ever-increasing demand for data scientists in different industries, you will realise that it could be an incredibly lucrative career path.
  • Data Science Certification can increase the appeal of your portfolio and add value to your career. It can help you enter trending data-related fields that are growing rapidly.
  • Looking ahead, data scientists are projected to have a dramatic impact on how businesses function over the next five years.

Data Science is Everywhere

Data is required in virtually every industry.

It’s used by doctors, real estate agents, bankers, and e-commerce retailers alike. Data science is an ever-evolving field. Consider adding data intelligence to your portfolio as a way to increase the appeal of your skillset across diverse professions. This era is all about expanding your network and adding value to your career. Data science offers you the opportunity to do that with a certification.

Build an out-of-the-box profile

  • As a Data Analyst or Data Scientist, your work will never be mundane. There’s always data to gather, study and analyse.
  • Data science covers data analysis, data mining, artificial intelligence, and a few other related disciplines. 
  • Data analysis is used to figure out what data means and how it will be used in future predictions. 
  • Data mining, on the other hand, is about extracting data from raw data and turning it into useful data for data analysis. 
  • Artificial intelligence and deep learning are used to analyse data in order to gain insights that will apply to future situations.
  • All of these fields have their own areas of specialisation. 
  • Data science certification programs will combine your technical skills with foundational elements of data science.
  • Data Science certification programs are gaining traction in the market, and data scientists have emerged as one of the top paid professionals with an average salary of USD 120,000.

No data scientist can work on data alone. They also need a team of data engineers who will process data into usable formats before it is analysed. A data engineer is a data scientist’s right hand. All data science jobs have data engineers as part of their team, and data scientists should also have this certification in order to work effectively with data engineers.

Data engineering includes the following:

  • Structural design and implementation based on data flow diagrams.
  • Transformation of data into information through data cleansing, data quality improvement, data integration, and data standardisation.
  • Analysis of data through data mining and data visualisation.
  • Data scientists are future-based thinkers whereas data analysts are insightful historians.

The Data Science Certification is your stepping stone into data intelligence that has a project-based curriculum and coursework and can provide a big boost for your career.

To efficiently process and analyse data, businesses need Data Scientists to acquire accurate insights. Organisations rely on data scientists to provide the appropriate information for their clients. 

Why are Data Scientists in demand?

Now is a great time to enter the Data Science workforce. The demand for Data Scientists in the workforce has yet to surpass the availability, as there are few candidates with proper qualifications and skills. Acquiring a Data Science certification offers you an opportunity to become skilled in an increasingly attractive and high-demand sector.

If you are looking to dominate the professional marketplace, Data Science should be your pick. You will be surprised to know that a data scientist has been nominated for the number one job in the United States of America for four years in a row. The demand for Data Science skills is rising. The U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts that 27.9 per cent of the demand for jobs will need to be filled in this field in 2021.


The Data Science Certification Course gives you ample opportunities to showcase your skills.

Data Science is a sound career choice. Having a Data Science Certification can make you more attractive to employers.

Data Science Specialists are needed in almost every field. Many organisations and government branches depend on large sets of data to succeed.

Discover Data Science at RISE WPU

The Data Science profession requires a graduate degree in the field which builds on a foundation of knowledge in information technology, computer systems, and analytics. As the demand for Data Scientists increases, you will need to have a Data Science certification on your resume to get noticed.

Data Science is an evolving field because of its broad application in various industries. For example, healthcare has realised the power of data to produce results that were previously not possible.

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