Dr. Vishwanath Karad


I have always been searching for the right answer, whether it was my own capabilities, dedication, determination and a tremendous sense of commitment or was it my fate or destiny that also helped me in all my endeavours, which made it possible for MIT to happen. I am still looking for that accurate answer, but I sincerely feel that both these factors have played equal roles in my mission.

Prof. Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad is an eminent educationist with a rich teaching experience of more than 40 years in the College of Engineering as an undergraduate and postgraduate professor. He is a man of great vision who is committed to the development of technical education and the cause of raising the qualities of life for the Indian masses. He was awarded the ‘Doctorate in Philosophy and Education’ by the International University of Washington.


He is the founder of various initiatives such as World Peace Dome, Maharashtra Institute of Technology, WORLD PEACE CENTER of MAEER’s MIT, Pune, UNESCO CHAIR for Human Rights, Democracy and Peace, MIT World Peace University, Shree Kshetra Alandi Parisar Vikas Samiti, Saint Shree Dnyaneshwara, and Saint Shree Tukaram Endowment Lecture Series Trust.


Furthermore, Prof. Dr. V D Karad has been honoured with various awards; one is the National Award for the year 1992 for the most outstanding work in Engineering and Technical Education for his commendable rural development work in the field of environmental and pollution control at Shree Kshetra Alandi-Dehu and he was also conferred the “Madhav – Mandakini Award” for his commendable work. In addition, he has been a member of various organisations of national, international repute.

Founder’s Message

The human race is witnessing and experiencing scientific and technological advancements such as the internet of things, lightspeed communication, space travel, medical breakthroughs on one hand and chaos, confusion, clashes, conflicts, terrorism, bloodshed and massacre in the name of caste, creed, religion, land and resources on the other hand.

There is a degradation and disregard of ethical, social, moral, cultural and ecological values. A culture of revolt and action rather than patience and tolerance seems to be emerging among the youth of this day and age. Amidst this challenging environment, I am happy that an island of hope and stability is emerging with a mission to promote the ethos of value-based education and create awareness amongst the youth of the importance of establishing a ‘Culture of Peace’ for a holistic global society.

In an era where we are struggling to keep up with our ancient value education system, character building among the young global citizens of MAEER’s MIT now, MIT World Peace University is encouraged, which nurtures the spirit of cooperation and respect and blends it with the professional careers of its learners. Today, it gives me a deep sense of satisfaction and pride to see the glorious achievements of MIT World Peace University and my dream of ‘VALUE-BASED UNIVERSAL EDUCATION SYSTEM’ coming into reality.

For thousands of students, MIT World Peace University is a gateway to their career and professional life. For nearly four decades, we have led the development of education in emerging technologies and modern professional practices to meet the challenging and volatile job market needs. In this demanding business and enterprising environment, quality is paramount. MIT WPU endeavours to provide the finest environment for teaching, learning, research, innovation and character building.

As a reputed academic institution, MIT WPU values its intellectual and academic relationships with industrial communities that provide the foundation from which it will continue to look to the widest horizons, enriching both itself and the society of which it is an inseparable part.

I feel confident that the students of the MIT WPU family, with their wide exposure to academic and professional fields, will leave a mark, nationally or globally, wherever they go by exhibiting their sound professional knowledge, unimpeachable character, sense of discipline and commitment. I wish my MIT WPU family and all the freshmen of the incoming batch grand success and the Best of Luck!



Prof. Dr Vishwanath D. Karad

MIT World Peace University