PG Program Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Postgraduate program in AIML with internships and industry-relevant projects.

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Course Duration

10 Months

Capstone Project

2 Month

Program Fee

₹ 1,15,000 + GST
AIML - An Overview

RISE offers a comprehensive Postgraduate Program in AIML that will advance your chances of being on top of the technological race. The curriculum has been curated by industry experts, leading professionals from KPMG in India, and RISE that will help you gain an in-depth understanding of AIML technology. The program also adds Capstone projects to give you a sense of the real-life work environment. RISE has also created a list of comprehensive projects and assessments to provide you with an edge in this competitive field.

What will you learn?
  • In-depth understanding and application of Supervised & Unsupervised ML Model.
  • Exhaustive learning on Machine Learning Algorithms.
  • Creating an AIML Deployable Models with Advanced Image Processing.
  • Implementation of Advanced Computer Vision, Sequential NLP and Generative Adversarial Networks.
  • Generating a dashboard for monitoring AIML projects.

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Tools and Frameworks

Who is this course for?
  • Someone who understands programming and applied mathematics can build a brand-new career in the field of AIML.
  • Graduates and professionals who want to step into the AIML domain.
  • Graduates must have 50% or higher marks.
  • Data Scientists and Data Analysts who want to revamp their data careers.
  • Any professional curious enough to know and perceive the domain of AIML.

Learn industry-relevant skills and build a rewarding career

Key Highlights

Upon completing the course, we will award the student a certificate in AIML granted from RISE in collaboration with KPMG in India & MIT WPU.

RISE offers placement support. You will receive guidance from the placement support team for up to 6 months. In addition, recruitment drives connect you with the industry’s leading entrepreneurs.

We specially curate our courses for college students and working professionals to accelerate their workplace skills. You will get opportunities to upgrade and stay relevant without compromising your profession.

Group projects allow opportunities to engage with peers and network. The collaborative work between students fosters academic growth. Besides, it encourages active learning and boosts confidence amongst scholars.

Helping students build an impactful resume, receive industry mentorship on approaching interviews, mock interview calls with subject-matter experts and industry’s top entrepreneurs.

Online classroom sessions and access to self-paced coursework such as videos, e-books, datasets, case studies. Hands-on training through homework and assignments and continuous assessments to track learning led by subject matter experts from MIT WPU & KPMG in India.
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Leading Academic Excellence

At RISE, we ensure that all courses are carefully curated and co-designed with industry leaders, enabling students to learn the latest skills and gain knowledge that is industry-relevant and be future-ready.

LIVE Lectures

LIVE lectures with our globally acclaimed faculty and top industry mentors integrate your classroom experience with interactive learning.

Industry Ready Skills

We know that knowledge needs a hands-on application to create a meaningful learning experience, which is why industry-oriented projects, case studies & capstone projects form the bedrock of your training.

Transformative Learning

We believe that when you transform your learning, you also transform your thinking. So we align you with domain experts who will mentor you, using their experience and knowledge to guide you through real-time business scenarios.

Lifetime Learning

Learning never stops, which is why we enable lifelong learning associations through quarterly webinars and live sessions with industry mentors to keep you ahead of the curve, always.

Comprehensive Career Assistance

With a dedicated career support team, we help you navigate various milestones in your search for the right industry fit that matches your newly acquired skills with RISE's professional courses.

Women in Tech Scholarship Program
PG Program Certification in AIML
  • The program is a collaborative effort between RISE with KPMG in India & MIT WPU.
  • Taught by a team of technical professionals from KPMG in India.
  • Program curated keeping students and professionals in mind, intending to orient them towards advanced AIML learning.
  • Industry based capstone project, internship and case studies.
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Future Scope of AIML

The global AI & ML market was valued at $62.35 billion in 2020 and is expected to increase at a CAGR of 40.2% from 2021 to 2028. Source

  • Research Scientist
  • Software Engineers
  • ML Scientist
  • AI Engineer
  • AI Developer

Due to the increasing demand for automation, industries are adopting automated functions to streamline work processes, and AIML is making it easy to work on. Industries need someone skilled to handle or automate their work process effectively.

  • Space and Aeronautics
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Defence
  • Agriculture
  • Supply chain management
  • Manufacturing
  • Human Resources
  • Service management
In India, the average pay of an AI professional is close to ₹1,558,549 per year and for a Machine Learning Engineer is ₹800,000 per year.
Course details and fees
Topic Overview:
  • Preparatory Course – Statistics & Introduction to Python
  • Supervised & unsupervised ML Model
  • Introduction to AI
  • Introduction to TensorFlow
  • Introduction to Neural Network
  • Reinforcement Learning Models (ANN & CNN)
  • Reinforcement Learning Models (RNN & RBN)
  • NLP (Sequential) & Image Analysis using DL
  • Advanced Computer Vision
  • Audio & Video Analysis using DL
  • Chatbot & Recommendation System
  • Intro to Graph Theory & Generative Adversarial Networks
About Course
  • Rs.1,15,000+GST
    *Flexible payment available

  • 10 months of the program
  • 30 Case studies
  • 2 month of Capstone project
  • 256 Hours live sessions
  • Sessions with industry experts KPMG in India Consultants
  • More than 80%+ lab oriented sessions
  • Top 15+ tools & frameworks covered
  • 1 Programing languages covered
Your program experience
  • Learn  

    online from industry leaders and offline through coursework (videos and eBooks)

  • Practice  

    through case-studies and collaborative projects

  • Assess  

    with continuous post-module assessments so you can track your progress

  • Implement  

    with hands-on experience and real-life business modules

  • Engage  

    in masterclasses, webinars and workshops with industry leaders

  • Transform  

    your career with comprehensive placement assistance

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With a dedicated placement support team, we go the extra mile to support you in your career with industry taught programs, industry-relevant training and industry-specific placements.


In simple terms, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that allows a machine to trigger human behaviour. Likewise, Machine Learning (ML) is a subset of AI that enables a machine to learn from data automatically without programming.

The near future of technological advancements asserts only two names – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML). AIML is impacting our world, and scientists are claiming it to be an achievement of paramount importance in the human world. According to Bloomberg, there was a venture capital investment of over $300 million in AIML startups in 2014, which today, has bloomed into billion dollars of assets worldwide.

The burgeoning adoption of AIML technology across verticals and horizontals has increased the demand and scope for skilled professionals with a committed understanding of AIML. In today’s technology-driven era, AIML experts stand at the top of the technological race!

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been the hottest buzzwords of 2020 besides COVID-19. AIML technology is slowly grasping roots in the world of advanced quantum computing systems, cutting-edge medical technologies, electronics and smart assistant technologies.

Hyper Automation is one of the fastest-growing trends in the domain of AIML. Cybersecurity is just emerging in the ways of AIML. There are a lot of possibilities waiting to take effect in the cosmos of technology. AIML is on a collision course with technological advancements.

Yes. A general understanding of coding or programming language is necessary for an AIML program.

Yes. RISE, alongside MIT WPU, will provide 100% job assistance.


Our purpose goes beyond academic excellence.

As RISE, we are more than an ed-tech portal- we are an innovative, technology-first online campus set up with a mission to empower students across cities, stratas and societies to be socially and culturally aware leaders of tomorrow.

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