PG Program in Cloud Computing

Postgraduate program in Cloud Computing with internships and industry-relevant projects.

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Course Duration

6 Months

Capstone Project

20-25 Hrs
Cloud Computing - An Overview

RISE, in collaboration with KPMG in India, offers a comprehensive PG Program in Cloud Computing that prepares students for a role in the highly lucrative industry, opening doors for better career prospects. Designed and delivered by KPMG in India Cloud professionals who work closely with various clients in India and overseas. Learn about the industry from experts and experienced personnel. The course is designed to impart learning and understanding of all concepts you need to know about the cloud, from its fundamentals to its more complex ideas.

What will you learn?

The course will provide a comparative study of Azure, AWS and Google Cloud and will also cover concepts like

  • Azure DevOps
  • Kubernetes
  • Azure identity, access & security
  • Amazon Web Services

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Tools & Programming languages

Who is this course for?
  • Graduates with a degree in technical background (B.Tech, BCA, MCA, B.Sc etc.) who are keen to know more about cloud computing and want to pursue a career as a cloud expert.
  • Professionals who want to up-skill and re-skill to boost their career growth and gain a competitive edge in the field of Cloud computing.

Learn industry-relevant skills and build a rewarding career

Key Highlights

Upon completing the course, we will award the student a certificate in Cloud Computing granted from RISE in collaboration with KPMG in India.

You will receive guidance from our placement support team for up to 6 months. In addition, recruitment drives will connect you with the industry’s leading organisations.

We curate our courses for college students and working professionals to accelerate their skills. You will get opportunities to upgrade and stay relevant without compromising your profession.

Group projects offer opportunities to engage with peers and network. The collaborative work between students fosters academic growth, encourages active learning and boosts confidence amongst scholars.

Helping students build an impactful resume, receive industry mentorship on how to approach interviews and mock interview calls with subject-matter experts and industry’s top entrepreneurs.

Online classroom sessions and access to self-paced coursework such as videos, e-books and datasets. Hands-on training through homework, assignments and continuous assessments to track learning led by subject matter experts from KPMG in India.
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At RISE, we ensure that all courses are carefully curated and co-designed with industry leaders, enabling students to learn the latest skills and gain knowledge that is industry-relevant and be future-ready.

LIVE Lectures

LIVE lectures with our globally acclaimed faculty and top industry mentors integrate your classroom experience with interactive learning.

Industry Ready Skills

We know that knowledge needs a hands-on application to create a meaningful learning experience, which is why industry-oriented projects & capstone projects form the bedrock of your training.

Transformative Learning

We believe that when you transform your learning, you also transform your thinking. So we align you with domain experts who will mentor you, using their experience and knowledge to guide you through real-time business scenarios.

Lifetime Learning

Learning never stops, which is why we enable lifelong learning associations through quarterly webinars and live sessions with industry mentors to keep you ahead of the curve, always.

Comprehensive Career Assistance

With a dedicated career support team, we help you navigate various milestones in your search for the right industry fit that matches your newly acquired skills with RISE's professional courses.

PG Program in Cloud Computing
  • The Program is powered by KPMG in India
  • Taught by a team of experts from KPMG in India
  • Accelerated PG program with real-world exercises
  • Industry-based capstone Project and internship

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Scope of Cloud Computing

India will be looking at a requirement of 20 Lakh Cloud Professionals by 2025.

This course will prepare you for multiple skill-based roles in cloud computing like:
  • Business And Technology - Cloud Solution Architect
  • Building Applications - Cloud Develope
  • Building deploying and maintaining cloud infrastructures - Cloud DevOps Engineer
  • Manage Data on Cloud - Cloud Data Engineer
  • Support Cloud Infrastructure - Cloud Operations Engineer

Companies around the world like General Electric, Apple, eBay, Netflix, Fitbit and more have successfully implemented cloud systems and are looking to hire professionals who understand how to manage systems.

The following industries have either adopted or are looking at a future involving cloud computing:

  • Retail
  • Entertainment
  • Fitness
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare and more
Average annual salaries for some of the Cloud Computing roles are as follows:
  • Principal Architect - ₹ 3,484,840
  • Cloud Solutions Architect - ₹ 2,021,405
  • DevOps Engineer - ₹ 777,452
  • IT Consultant - ₹ 1,098,003
  • Senior Software Engineer - ₹ 1,594,891
Course details and fees
Topic Overview:
  • Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
  • Comparison between AWS, Azure & GCP
  • Azure basic services and Networking
  • Azure storage services
  • Azure identity, access, and security
  • Cloud Cost Calculation
  • Data Virtualization
  • DevOps
  • Azure DevOps
  • AWS Services
  • Kubernetes(K8)

About Course

    • Capstone project
    • 112 Hours of Learning
    • Weekly Live Sessions
    • Sessions with Industry Professionals
    • Doubt sessions
    • Top Tools covered
Your program experience
  • Learn  

    online from industry leaders and offline through coursework (videos and eBooks)

  • Practice  

    through case-studies and collaborative projects

  • Assess  

    with continuous post-module assessments so you can track your progress

  • Implement  

    with hands-on experience and real-life business modules

  • Engage  

    in masterclasses, webinars and workshops with industry leaders

  • Transform  

    your career with comprehensive placement assistance

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