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Program Fee- ₹ 88,000 + GST*


    8 months


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    Program fee
    ₹ 88,000 + GST

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    PG program in Business Analytics curated and co-created by industry experts from KPMG in India


    Industry certification


    Placement and internship support


    Designed for graduate students and working professionals


    One-on-One mentorship


    Comprehensive career guidance


    Experiential learning through industry projects 

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    Program Curriculum

    Spreadsheet Modelling using Advanced Excel

    Database Management using SQL

    Statistics for Business Managers

    Art of Storytelling using Visualization

    Strategy Analysis

    Introduction to Time Series Forecasting

    Introduction to Additional Business Tools – SAS, SPSS, Orange 3

    Machine Learning for Business

    Domain Analytics in Marketing and Human Resource

    Domain Analytics in Finance and Supply Chain

    Learn industry-relevant skills and build a rewarding career

    Tools and Programming Languages

    Sample Certificate

    What will you get at the end of the program

    Who is this program for?

    Capstone Project Examples

    We transform classroom learning into real-world application concepts. Our motto is to ensure that all our students graduate from the program with industry-ready skills and hands-on experience.  Check out some of our top cases for the capstone project.

    Why choose Business Analytics as a career?

    The role of a business analyst is to help organisations create, mould, and leverage data in making more intelligent business decisions that benefit the organisation. They are responsible for giving business insights by making assessments through a data-driven approach. The demand for business analysts is growing as more and more organisations move into using technology to gain a competitive advantage.

    Major breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Deep Learning and the Internet of Things(IoT) is  transforming the world of analytics every day. The continuous advancement in the field of technology will ensure the future implores everyone including those with a background in business to become a part of the world of analytics.The opportunities thus available to professionals possessing both business acumen and technical expertise of analytics will be abundant.

    Data Science involves studying all kinds of data sets thus organisations from various sectors are implementing this field to drive intelligent business decision making. A business analyst analyses and interprets data that is specific to a business thus having prior working knowledge of data science helps in making more versatile and effective decisions that is beneficial to the organisation.

    In India, the average salary for a lead business analyst is ₹ 14,94,000. Whereas the average salary for a business analyst is ₹ 6,06,000.

    RISE WPU Learning Outcomes


    Become proficient in analytical tools like SAS, SPSS, Orange3 used widely in the field of business analytics


    Demonstrate your skills in applied analytics to gather meaningful insights from raw data.


    Test your skills through capstone projects and internships and be industry-ready.


    Apply latest machine learning concepts to build effective prediction models that assist in critical decision-making aspects for businesses.

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    Participate in career development exercises and RISE as an analytics professional.


    Attend webinars, expert sessions and guest lectures to upskill and reskill.

    Experts from KPMG in India


    Sankaran Venkataramani

    Executive Director & Management Consultant, KPMG in India

    Dr. Srijith Sreenivasan

    Director, KPMG in India


    Kaliappan M

    Technical Director, KPMG in India

    Instructors from KPMG in India


    Amit Choudhary

    Manager, KPMG in India


    Dileesh K V

    Manager Business Excellence, KPMG in India

    Arun Ravi

    Management Consulting, Transformation BE, KPMG in India

    Swathi Krishnan R K

    Assistant Manager, Business Excellence, KPMG in India

    Raynette Furtado

    Analyst, KPMG in India


    Stephen Myaboo

    Associate Consultant, KPMG in India

    Kaushik Swaroop

    Kaushik Swaroop

    Analyst & Advisory, KPMG in India

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