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For women who are passionate about their careers, or want to re-enter the tech workforce after a break, RISE is just the right edtech platform for you. Our ‘Women in Tech’ scholarship aims to support women in receiving a scholarship to study, enable them to establish their careers and transform their lives. Women who enroll in any of our courses are eligible for the scholarship.


The Experience Scholarship is a way to acknowledge students with substantial work experience in their respective professional roles in the IT & BFSI sector. The purpose of this scholarship is to assist professionals in enhancing their academic qualifications and gaining more subject-specific and industry-relevant knowledge that help them advance in their respective career paths. It is available for all our PG programs.


No one should be deprived of education. With this in mind, our need-based scholarship aims to support individuals from financially disadvantaged groups. With this scholarship, students can enroll for our PG programs and fulfill the financial criteria in order for them to advance their education. Through this financial aid, we aim to enable every applicant from financially weaker sections to maximize their potential and help them build a successful career path for themselves.


The Academician Scholarship is applicable for individuals who are teachers or professors enrolling for any one of our PG programs. The purpose of this scholarship is to assist anyone who is a teacher or professor who wishes to upskill or reskill, stay relevant in their line of work, and advance their teaching careers. It is available for all our PG programs.


This scholarship aims at encouraging and supporting higher technical & professional education for Police and Defense personnel, especially those working in the government sector or law enforcement order, enabling them to upskill or learn new skills and gain industry relevant knowledge and hands-on experience that they can apply in their line of work.


The objective of this scholarship is to encourage, nurture, and support students from the legal profession. With this scholarship, we aim to support legal professionals looking to upskill in relevant fields that are being covered under our PG programs, enabling them to use their newly acquired knowledge and skills in their line of work, or for those who wish to switch careers and gain a competitive edge.


RISE advocates for an inclusive, diverse, and embracing society. We are delighted to offer the ‘Diversity Scholarship’ to students from diverse educational backgrounds as a way to recognise their exceptional talent and potential and help further their careers through our innovative and industry-relevant PG programs.


This scholarship has been designed for individuals from PwD with disabilities as a way to support them in upskilling and advancing their careers. We aim to ensure that every applicant, from the PwD with special needs, who wishes to upskill with us, is given the financial support they need to stay relevant and advance in their respective career paths.

Our purpose goes beyond academic excellence.

As RISE, we are more than an ed-tech portal- we are an innovative, technology-first online campus set up with a mission to empower students across cities, stratas and societies to be socially and culturally aware leaders of tomorrow.

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