I am quite satisfied with quality of content and the way of presentation.

- Vishnu Maya Rai

The quality of program is excellent and the mentors are not in hurry.They are teaching us from the basics and very calm and each little doubt is being cleared.Rise Wpu is also considering each student query and suggestion and solving on top priority.


The course program designed by mit is very nice and balanced. The collaboration with kpmg and their mentor improving the course module

- Kshalit Bhardwaj

Excellent course. I am enjoying a lot. Getting knowledge about Data science. This has more than met my expectation. "A wonderfully practical course - both personally and professionally. All sessions are informative and very helpful. Special thanks to all speakers. Thank you team.

- Shamla Mantri

Nice platforms to get knowledge and friendly behaviour of the MIT WPU rise team and also help to get the great experience of Business.

- Akanksha Singh

Thank You. Very Informative. Enjoying this learning experience. Loving to be student again. Thank you

- Uma Pujeri

Very well designed and very nicely conducted. The LMS management is too good.

- Bharati Dixit

This course will boost career growth.

- Abhishek Yedwe

In line with the great kick start of my Data Science journey so far so a good introduction to Advance Excel & Data Science each module was quite helpful.
Even though we work day to day in excel but feel that many of us may not be aware of the many useful formulations which make the days work fast and smart.
Weekend faculty sessions had a chance to clear doubt and even practiced new formulations & Concept of tools.
Thank you.
Regards and Sincerely,

- Shweta Singh