Top 10 AIML Courses offered in India


Artificial Intelligence has radically transformed the way people think, learn, and work in various industries—from finance to healthcare and manufacturing. That said, AI is everywhere. That also implies that there is now a scarcity of qualified AI experts in nearly every sector.

It was estimated that AI will create 2.3 million employment opportunities in 2020, according to Gartner. Furthermore, the study predicted that AI-related job creation will reach almost 2 million net new positions by 2025 (2.4 million total jobs). Source 

According to a recent study from Project Management Institute (PMI), a Philadelphia-based nonprofit organisation, India will invest USD 1 billion in artificial intelligence by 2023. Source

The Indian government has announced the allocation of $477 million to enhance the AI ecosystem of the country. Furthermore, AI will be taught in schools as part of the National Education Policy (NEP). Inarguably, India is taking bottom-up measures to attain global stature in artificial intelligence. Source

Professionals can’t count on their current work experience to land them a job, so they must have the proper academic foundation. Experts require a good educational background to recognise these new career possibilities.

Here are the top 10 AI & ML courses offered in India we’ve listed out to assist students in narrowing down their selection and take their careers to the next level.

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Advanced Programme in AI: Powered Marketing (APAIPM), IIM Calcutta

This program is aimed at executives in charge of digital marketing, customer acquisition, finance, marketing, and other major business concerns. The course is a six-month part-time online program. This advanced course aims to help executives and business owners use AI and machine learning to improve their effectiveness of marketing campaigns. You will learn how to compose compelling copy and get access to tools you need to develop a robust online presence. The lessons are participatory, incorporating video lectures, exercises, and real-world case studies.

PGP in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, BITS-Pilani

This is an 11-month online PG degree that may also be completed part-time while working. The syllabus can be accessed to enhance one’s AI and machine learning knowledge base and abilities. The curriculum includes essential ideas regarding these fields as well as six courses.

MTech in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, IIT Roorkee

In June, IIT Roorkee debuted two new MTech programs as part of its Centre for Artificial Intelligence & Data Science (CAIDS) established last year. The MTech degree is being developed to help students study Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science. The programmes, which include MTech in AI and MTech in Data Science, intended to promote research and training in the country’s AI applications and studies.

Students with a BE, BTech, Integrated MSc, or equivalent degree in any engineering science field are eligible to apply. They must have a CGPA of 6.0 and pass the entrance exam and an on-campus interview to be considered for the course.

Fellowship in Artificial Intelligence for Social Good, IIT Madras 

IIT Madras and the Robert Bosch Centre for Data Science and AI collaborated and launched a fellowship initiative to recruit researchers interested in AI for social good in April. The program was created by Professor B Ravindran and is intended to help students develop independent research profiles while also engaging in socially relevant AI research.

This program is open to recent PhDs in computer science, life sciences, computational and data sciences, finance, management or other engineering fields. Fellows will be paid Rs 15-18 lakh for the study, depending on their experience.

AI Course (12-week), IIT Madras 

In January 2019, IIT Madras debuted a month-long AI training course on the National Program for Technology Enhanced Learning platform called ‘Artificial Intelligence Search Methods for Problem Solving.’ IIT Madras’ Professor Deepak Khemanu is giving the lectures.

Certificate Program in AI & ML with Python, IIT Bombay 

The IIT Bombay 6-month course on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with Python (online class) is intended to turn students into industry-ready professionals. The course will teach you how to sort, research, rearrange data, run analyses, and create DataFrames from scratch. Students will learn Scikit and SciPy to develop accurate predictive linear models; build text classifiers using linear classifiers and deep learning, and develop agent-based models.

It is open to any graduate or diploma holder with one year of expertise. The course is available to those who have completed the training and received a certificate from IIT Bombay.

Artificial Intelligence for Digital Transformation, IIM Bangalore 

To equip students with AI technologies that enable digital transformation in businesses, IIM Bangalore has introduced a live online course on AI for digital transformation. After taking the course, students will have a good understanding of topics like AI, machine learning, neural networks, supervised learning, classification, and prediction.

PGD in AI and Data Science, IIIT Delhi 

IIT Delhi has established a nine-month-long PG Diploma program in AI and Data Science, collaborating with IBM. The course is being conducted online on Saturdays.

The course teaches students the fundamentals of mathematical analysis, statistical analysis, and optimisation; fundamental and advanced deep learning and machine learning; data engineering techniques; and Big Data management.

The diploma program will allow professionals with diverse sector verticals—art, business, and medicine—to restart their careers. BTech/BE in CS/Mathematics or BTech/BE in any subject, MCA or MSc in Physics or Chemistry or Mathematics, Bachelor of Economics, MBA, bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences with emphasis on Statistics and Econometrics are all acceptable. Students with a master’s degree in finance may apply.

M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence, IISC Bengaluru

The goal of the Master’s program is for students to master technology and build a strong background and experience in it. The curriculum includes a wide range of electives and core courses, including Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Vision, Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, Cryptography, and many more.

Postgraduate Program in AIML, RISE WPU

RISE WPU’s AIML Postgraduate Program is a one-of-a-kind online ed-tech program that will help you stay on top of the game. The curriculum has been co-designed by experts from KPMG in India and leading professionals from RISE WPU to provide you with in-depth knowledge, skills alongside hands-on experience in the field of AIML. 

Capstone projects are included in the program to give you a feel for what it’s like to work in a real environment. RISE WPU has also compiled a list of extensive projects and examinations to help you stand out in this competitive sector.

You gain an in-depth understanding and application of the Supervised & Unsupervised ML Model, exhaustive learning on Machine Learning Algorithms, learn how to create AIML Deployable Models with Advanced Image Processing, how to implement advanced Computer Vision, Sequential NLP and Generative Adversarial Networks, how to generate dashboards for monitoring AIML projects, and more.



Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly developing sector that’s both fascinating and gratifying to get involved in. To be an effective AI Engineer, you’ll need a broad range of talents and expertise, as well as a passion for data. Thousands of businesses are actively seeking to hire AI Engineers right now.

That is why it is critical to understand what different institutes and their industry partners provide in terms of Artificial Intelligence courses in India. Furthermore, learning about the programs’ demands and what skills and tools you’ll get from them. Now is the time to be more clever than your competitors in AI’s highly competitive and rewarding industry.

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