Top 7 Not-to-be-missed TED Talks on AI And Machine Learning


Nothing is more enthralling and informative than the TED talks when it comes to academic discussion. They offer fascinating topics in an entertaining format, frequently with stories, incredible facts, and first-hand knowledge of those who give these talks.

With AIML at the forefront of so many discussions and topics, there is no better platform to learn about them than through great talks from those on the cutting-edge of innovation.

In today’s age of digital transformation, each company takes a unique approach to predictive analytics and automation. For few, it is a push toward adopting new technologies to improve operations; for others, it is a significant change in business procedures to replace existing systems.

We’ve compiled a list of the seven TED Talks that you don’t want to miss if you’re interested in automation and the consequences of digital transformation using AI and Machine Learning. The talks in this collection of digital transformation TED Talks explore concepts ranging from new ideas to the actualities behind them and their benefits and dangers.


3 Principles For Creating Safer AI

Stuart Russell, an AI expert, is working toward improving AI. He thinks only super-intelligent machines that are human-friendly and selfless should be created. We may not be able to build robots with shared principles that can alter the narrative of machines takeover just by changing their fundamental objectives, but can we? Learn more about how human-friendly AI will be developed: how we’ll accomplish it, how it will function, and what benefits it will provide during these TED Talk episodes that shouldn’t be missed.


How AI Can Bring On A Second Industrial Revolution.

The Industrial Revolution altered the course of history. It made basic tasks more efficient, easier, and productive. The doors of innovation and progress were also unlocked, allowing us to enjoy everything we have today. Imagine how much we could advance as a species if our machines’ muscles gave way to the amount of growth and prosperity we have seen since the Industrial Revolution. According to the founder of Wired magazine, Kevin Kelly, this new kind of AI is giving cognition to machines, whereas previously, we had given the power of our machines to them. Learn how this new type of AI will change our world and what it can do for you.


What Happens When Our Computers Get Smarter Than We Are?

Nick Bostrom, a Yale philosopher and Oxford professor, discusses the wonderful intricacies and advantages of super-intelligent machines as well as the possible fears of developing AI that is smarter than we are. Bostrom explains how superhuman intelligence will far surpass human capabilities. Learn about the capabilities of AI and the expectations of machine learning experts for the future of AI. According to Bostrom, “AI and machine learning is the last technology we’ll have to invent,” and he feels that the creation of super-intelligent machines is unavoidable.


Can We Build AI Without Losing Control Over It?

Sam Harris, the New York Times best-selling author and the speaker of this chapter’s TED talk, asks us to consider our future with super intelligent AI in a serious way and to stop depicting it as a sci-fi film in which robots take over the world and eradicate mankind. While the term “intelligence explosion” may make one think of a nuclear catastrophe, Dr Stephen Hawking and others believe we’re approaching the point where AI will surpass human capabilities. Rather than focusing on an amorphous future, Harris takes a pragmatic approach to consider the challenges that will face us as AI becomes increasingly possible. According to Harris, it’s simply a matter of time until a machine is created that matches or exceeds human intelligence, and he believes we need to be ready. We must figure out how to create AI that won’t become overpowering while acknowledging that humans will eventually become obsolete.


How Ai Can Enhance Our Memory, Work And Social Lives.

In his TED talk, “How AI Can Enhance Our Memory, Work, and Social Lives,” Apple AI expert and Siri co-founder Tom Gruber introduces us to a world in which our machines enhance our intellect rather than one in which we are left behind by devices. Gruber believes that artificial intelligence will be used to enhance our lives through the integration of smart machines into human capabilities. He is interested in making significant changes, but he also focuses on smaller issues when describing enhanced memory AI that allows us to recall with the same degree of precision as a computer. Learn how entrepreneurs are striving to create smarter computers and computers that can help us become better people.


The Rise Of Human-Computer Cooperation.

The director of Forward Deployed Engineering at Palantir Technologies, Shyam Sankar, believes that the greatest way for us to take advantage of AI and machine learning is to combine their power with our natural human abilities. Understand how human instinct and advanced technologies can be combined to address current challenges and future problems. Build a better future for yourselves and your communities by learning from Sankar’s experience of working with clients worldwide to solve chess, terrorism, and disease problems.


Don’t Fear Intelligent Machines; Work With Them.

Garry Kasparov, the world chess champion and legend, is calling for a shift in perspective from “man vs. machine” to “man working with machine.” When machines become clever and eventually super-intelligent, this is not a victory for the machines. Rather, it is a triumph for humans who programmed them. He urges us not to be afraid of technology or the industries’ rapid progress but rather embrace the changing world in which people and machines collaborate to improve our lives. We will move from winning chess games to solving the world’s most challenging issues once we figure out how to work with AI optimally.



We have shared 7 not-to-be-missed TED Talks On AI And Machine Learning. We hope you enjoyed them and encourage you to share some of your favourite TED talks on artificial intelligence with us in the comments below.